Badenoch & Strathspey: Ruthven Barracks, Highland Folk Museum, and more!


This is a private customisable tour biased towards art and culture.

We will go from your departure point to Newtonmore, first stop the Highland Folk Museum. Here you will experience how the people of the Highlands lived and worked between the 1700s and 1950s. This attraction gives you an insight into the past and how environment influenced our culture.

Next is the Ruthven Barracks. These ruins played a significant part in the Jacobite risings against the Union Government between 1715 and 1745. You will wander through the remains of the barracks and imagine what it must have been like to be a soldier here.

The next stop is at the Frank Bruce Sculptural Trail. You will walk for one mile along an easy path stopping at each of the eleven thought provoking sculptures. Mainly made from wood, they were designed to decay back to nature over time.

Final stop is the Old Packhorse Bridge in Carrbridge. Built in 1717, it stands as a testament to the engineering prowess of our ancestors.

Day 1
Priced from £450 per group

Day 2
Private Tour, only your group will participate

Day 3
Duration 6-8 hours

Day 4
Larger Groups (>6) are possible, please enquire

Day 5
Recommended Group Size 4 passengers*

* The standard vehicle for our tours is a Volvo XC90 SUV which has six passenger seats. For comfort we recommend up to four passengers however if you have a larger group, two small adults or children could use the rearmost seats.

Tour Options and Details

1. Highland Folk Museum

The Highland Folk Museum provides visitors with an insight into how Highland people lived and worked from the 1700s right up to the 1950s. The Open Air Museum has more than 30 appropriately furnished historical buildings. There is a a café, gift shop, and children’s playground. Admission is free however donations are gratefully accepted.

2. Ruthven Barracks

The Ruthven Barracks were built by King George II’s government between 1719 and 1721 following the Jacobite rising of 1715. They were built to police the area and enforce the Disarming Act of 1716.

During the rising of 1745, 300 Jacobites besieged the barracks, but were prevented from taking the strategically important site by just 12 Government troops, one of which lost his life when looking over the parapet. In February 1746 the Jacobites returned with heavy guns and soon forced the garrison to surrender.

Then in April 1746 the Jacobites were defeated at the Battle of Culloden. The retreating soldiers regrouped at the barracks to await their orders from the Bonnie Prince Charlie. On April 20th, they received word which read ‘Let every man seek his own safety in the best way he can’. The Jacobites destroyed the barracks to prevent them from being used again.

Ruthven Barracks are open all year round and are free to visit.

3. Frank Bruce Sculpture Trail

Frank Bruce was a self-taught sculptor from a village in Aberdeenshire who died in 2009. This woodland walk is the only one of its type in the Cairngorm National Park, and his carvings explore aspects of Scottish culture and our relationship with others.

These sculptures, primarily made out of wood, are designed to decay over time and return back to nature. The trail is just over a mile long over easy, well maintained paths, but as this is Scotland, comfortable walking shoes and a raincoat or umbrella are recommended.

Admission is free.

4. Old Packhorse Bridge

The Old Packhorse Bridge was built in 1717 and as such, celebrated its 300th anniversary in 2017. It is a testament to the engineers and builders that created it, that it has stood up to many floods over the years without collapsing.

The bridge was originally built in order to allow funeral processions to access the Duthil Church when the river was in spate, and as a result the locals refer to it as “the coffin bridge”.


  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Private Transportation
  • Air-conditioned Vehicle


  • Lunch
  • Gratuities

You will be collected from your Hotel, B&B, Airport, Railway Station, Residential Home at the start of the day and returned there at the end of the day unless an alternate arrangement is made.

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Badenoch & Strathspey: Ruthven Barracks, Highland Folk Museum, and more!

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